PostDoc Position on ML applied to the space weather forecast


The Centre for mathematical Plasma-Astrophysics (CmPA) of the KULeuven is looking for a postdoc to study and develop modern AI/ML techniques to detect and forecast dangerous activity in space weather, considering ionosphere, magnetosphere and solar active regions. Within the new four-year Belgian DEFRA project AIDefSpace, we are processing different data sources relative to the ionosphere and the magnetosphere and high-resolution magnetograms and multi-spectral images of the Sun. Using advanced machine learning techniques, we want to make nowcasts and forecasts of space weather and discover signatures of flaring activity and other potentially dangerous conditions. The tools developed will be compared to existing models and proposed as new services for the Belgian and European space weather centres.

We look for a candidate with a PhD in Space Science, Physics, Engineering or in AI/ML with a background in computer sciences applied to physics. The ideal candidate has experience or is interested in learning the bases on machine learning, including neural networks, data processing and unsupervised learning. It is desirable that the candidate has already some knowledge on Python programming and of the domain of physics related to space sciences: e.g. particle physics, plasma physics, aerospace engineering, fluid dynamics.

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