Research fellowship in AI methods for innovation of business processes

Deadline: Dec. 25, 2022, midnight

Research fellowship opportunity in "Methods and models for artificial intelligence and statistical and automatic learning for the innovation of business processes and decisions" (Metodi e modelli per l'intelligenza artificiale e l'apprendimento statistico e automatico per l'innovazione dei processi e delle decisioni aziendali)—1 year, with possibility of extension.

I hereby inform you about the following call for a research grant issued at the Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics (DEAMS) of the University of Trieste (Italy), with the scientific coordinator prof. Nicola Torelli.

Deadline for submitting applications: Sunday, 25 December 2022.

Link to the applications:

For additional info and assistance please contact prof. Nicola Torelli at [email protected].

Feel free to disseminate this application to any eventual interested audience.

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