PhD position at Reykjavik University: Conversational Agents in Healthcare

Deadline: Jan. 31, 2023, 11 p.m.

Are you interested in pursuing a PhD in Conversational Agents in Healthcare? If so, you may want to check out the three-year PhD position available in a department supervised by Stefán Ólafsson. Keep reading to find out more about the position and how to apply.

About the position

The three-year PhD position is centered on Conversational Agents in Healthcare. The successful candidate will be responsible for conducting research in this area and collaborating with a team of experts in the field. The position is based in the department supervised by Stefán Ólafsson.

Benefit of this position

Pursuing a PhD in Conversational Agents in Healthcare can offer many benefits. Not only will you gain knowledge and experience in a cutting-edge field, but you will also have the opportunity to contribute to advancements in healthcare technology. Additionally, you will be part of a team of experts and have access to various resources to support your research.

Available level of study

The available position is a three-year PhD program. This program offers an advanced level of study that is designed to prepare candidates for a career in research and academia.

Financial support

The successful candidate will receive financial support to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. The exact details of the financial package will be discussed with the candidate during the application process.


To be eligible for the position, candidates must have a Master's degree or equivalent in a relevant field, such as computer science or healthcare. They should also have a strong academic record and relevant research experience. Additionally, candidates should have excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

How to apply

To apply for the position, interested candidates should visit for the full details and link to the application form. The application process will require candidates to submit their CV, cover letter, and other relevant documents to [email protected]. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, and the successful candidate will be notified soon after.

Additional information:

If you have any enquiries about the position, please direct them to Stefán Ólafsson at [email protected]. The department is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all candidates, regardless of their background or identity. Therefore, candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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