Fully-Funded Open PhD and PostDoc Positions in 3D Computer Vision and Continual Learning


Saarland University is one of the leading locations for computer science in Germany and Europe. The Computer Vision and Machine Perception research lab is headed by Eddy Ilg with close ties to MPI Saarbrücken and to Meta and has open PhD and PostDoc positions for 3D computer vision and continual learning. 
Although deep learning has conquered the field of perception algorithms and is today omnipresent, strong limitations of conventional systems are that they operate in 2D and use a fixed training dataset. 
The goal of your project will be to advance state-of-the-art machine perception algorithms by lifting the representation to 3D and enabling the systems to increase their knowledge from continuously incoming unlabeled data. To this end, you will be developing deep learning-based models that can reason about their own knowledge and combining those models with state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction techniques. Your work will involve 3D reconstruction, physical light transport models, uncertainty estimation and continual learning and connect to natural language processing, reinforcement learning and fundamental research. 
The positions target publications on CVPR, ECCV, ICCV and NeurIPS and will set you up for an outstanding career in academia or industry. The research is highly relevant for the future of AI and the practical use of your research will be for 3D scene understanding, contextual AI, virtual shopping and visual search. You will be working in an interdisciplinary setting embedded in the environment of Saarland Informatics Campus with leading researchers in the field and building international relationships.   
Requirements for the PhD position:

  • An outstanding Master’s degree
  • Coursework in computer vision and machine learning
  • Ideally coursework in computer graphics and natural language processing
  • A thesis in a related topic
  • Strong interest in research
  • A previously published paper is desired 

Please include the following information with your application: 

  • Your CV
  • A recent grade transcript 
  • A link to your thesis

Requirements for the PostDoc position: 

  • An outstanding PhD with strong visibility on CVPR, ECCV, ICCV and NeuIPS
  • Background in 2D and 3D computer vision
  • Optionally a background in continual learning
  • Interest to work in an interdisciplinary setting in 2D/3D computer vision, NLP and reinforcement learning
  • Interest to take a leading role by contributing to the direction of the project and co-supervising students
  • Motivation to build international relationships
  • Optionally interest in co-founding a startup

Please include the following information with your application: 

  • Your CV 
  • Your publication list  
  • A link to your thesis

Please send your application to [email protected]
You can find more information and news at cvmp.cs.uni-saarland.de. Eddy Ilg is known for his contributions to computer vision on optical flow and his work on AR technology at MetaSaarland University is surrounded by the Saarland Informatics Campus with five strong research institutes and three collaborating university departments. It offers a dynamic and stimulating research environment and  holds 28 ERC Grants and 7 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize winners. You will be working in an english-speaking diverse environment with international students and collaborating with many other famous professors, inside Saarland Informatics Campus as well as internationally. Industry collaborations with US tech companies are also planned.   
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